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Freelance graphic designer interested in celebrating
resilient communities, sustainable actions and
the playful nature of people

Logo design


I have worked with Alina for a number of years producing a wide range of marketing collateral for both print and digital platforms. Alina is an excellent designer, offering highly creative ideas coupled with formidable technical skills. She is enthusiastic and proactive on any project undertaken and is a joy to work alongside infusing each day with an infectiously positive outlook. I would highly recommend Alina for any design project.
Tracy Humphrey
I would certainly recommend Alina. Allied to her wide ranging skills, she shows sensitivity to the needs of others and has bags of creative flair and initiative. She can always be relied upon not only to do a thoroughly professional job but also to go the extra mile.
Steve Wiseman
I have worked with Alina in a role as a project manager for a grant funded project and she did an excellent job. Alina’s passion for projects she believes in comes across well and she was a pleasure to work with as well as delivering the project on time and in budget!
Alicia Howell
Alina was great to work with, and clearly a very key part of the team. I was always impressed by her time management, creativity and positive attitude.
Daisy Jones


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